14 Nutrition Apps You Need to Check Out

Eat 2 Win Challenge for Athletes TBA General Impression An app designed specifically for athletes, however it has a lot of cross over use for anyone looking to track and log their eating habits with guidance from customized meal plans. Its primary purpose is to create a team challenge and encourage group competition and [...]

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College Sports Nutrition Programs You Want to Follow on Twitter (wait for it)

My Sports Dietitian--Follow Us On Twitter Follow @mysportsdiet When someone hears the word Dietitian, many automatically think that this is the hospital Dietitian that is customizing nutrient rich formulas to feed a patient through a tube in order to help them recover faster from a life-threating illness or injury. They may also assume [...]

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Becoming a Nutrition Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is a unique challenge that is not for everybody but these three ladies took the leap and followed their passion. Dawn, Mitzi and Rebecca all share their amazing journey of becoming a nutrition entrepreneur. In this Podcast You Will Learn: 1.    What was their career path to becoming an entrepreneur? 2. [...]

Sports Nutrition for the Major League Baseball Player: Mark Melancon

Mark Melancon was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 30th round of the 2003 Major League Baseball draft. He declined the offer so that he could attend the University of Arizona. Mark is currently a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball (MLB). Tavis talks to Mark about his journey and the role nutrition has played [...]

Nutrition and Cheerleading Performance

Karen Lew Feirman Karen joined Varsity University as the Dean in October of 2014. Over the past 15 years, Karen served in a variety of capacities at Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Miami. Most recently, she served as the Clinical Coordinator of the Athletic Training Program at the University of Miami. She is [...]

Alcohol and its Effect on Athletic Performance

Alcohol is a big topic when it comes to its effect on an athletic performance. It’s been shown to make up to 5% of an athlete’s calorie intake. Why is this concerning? Calorie intake is important for an athlete, making sure the calories they consume are helping the body, not hindering it. Alcohol consumption in any volume [...]

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Drug and Supplement Testing in Sports

Bob Murray, PhD, FACSM is managing principal of Sports Science Insights, LLC, a consulting group that assists companies and organizations in need of targeted expertise in exercise science and sports nutrition. SSI’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Dr. Murray is also the Aegis Shield Scientific Director for the Aegis Sciences Corporation. Aegis [...]

Decrease Inflammation and Enhance Immunity for the Athlete

Sharon Collison is a registered dietitian in private practice and at the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition at the University of Delaware.  Sharon completed her B.S. degree in Food Science and her M.S. degree in Human Nutrition with a concentration in exercise physiology at the University of Delaware.  She has been a board-certified sports [...]

What Makes A Healthy Breakfast for Athletes?

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  Although you may be tired of hearing it, it’s especially true for athletes.  Eating breakfast has many benefits for the mental and physical health of an athlete. Every athlete knows that both a strong mind and body are essential [...]

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Healthy Lunch Recipes for Athletes

Athletes often have busy schedules and have to juggle practices, classes and meetings throughout the day. It can be difficult to find time to stop and refuel with a balanced meal. A healthy combination of complex carbohydrates, protein and fats will help athletes have sustained energy throughout the day and prepare them for the physical [...]

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Improving an Athlete's Eating habits from a Food First Approach