Many studies and reports clearly show that supplements are very popular with athletes. In this course you will learn if the products you take or consider taking are safe? This should be a mandatory introduction course for any coach, athlete or parent to learn about supplementation for athletes.

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Gain an advantage and learn how to eat the right foods at the right time to improve your athletic performance. Coaches, athletes, parents will learn how food impacts athletic performance. A lot of practical tips and guidelines that can be easily applied.

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  • Unique information, strategies and resources for your specific goals
  • Focus on what matters for you and see improved athletic performance
  • Implement our “Game Plan” and increase your energy and improve overall health
  • Learn from trusted professionals that elite athletes and programs access


  • Programs designed and monitored by Licensed and Registered Sports Dietitians
  • Message the instructor and receive personal feedback
  • Over 2 hours of specialized content per program
  • Download practical and useful resource documents
  • Test your knowledge with a course quiz
  • Course certificate available upon completion


Meet Our Instructors


Ronnie Harper
Ronnie HarperEd.D., ATC
Tavis Piattoly
Tavis PiattolyMS, LDN, RD


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