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Jenna is a Registered/Licensed Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She has worked with many athletes from grade-school age to professional. Before leaving California, she was the Team Sports Dietitian for UCLA Athletics; sports nutritionist for Athletes’ Performance. Jenna received her undergraduate degree in Foods & Nutrition from Cal Poly Pomona and Master’s of Science in Human Movement at A.T. Still University, with an emphasis in sports conditioning. Growing up around baseball with a father and uncles who played and practically learning to keep score before she could read—you can say baseball is in Jenna’s blood. Watching a great game or playing over-the-line on a warm summer day are some of her favorite past-times.

In this podcast you will learn:

  1. When Jenna first discovered a love for baseball?
  2. The nutritional challenges she sees for baseball players, especially pro athletes who have a long season?
  3. If there is any nutritional value to the Sunflower Seed, a popular item, seen in dugouts across the US?
  4. Nutrition principles a baseball player should consider to help elevate his performance?
  5. Nutrition strategies baseball players can implement to reach their weight or strength goals?
  6. The common mistakes young athletes make when trying to decide what to eat between games
  7. How players can better prepare to fuel their body during a tournament?
  8. How steroids are a bad influence on young athletes and how does she educate young athletes on using food as their most effective tool to packing on muscle?      
  9. Her new great eBook on Performance Nutrition for Baseball Players: Gain the Advantage.
  10. The topics that she discusses in the Ebook?
  11.  Where you can purchase Jenna’s eBook?

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